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IRAN: Ebrahim/Simon

Friday, December 01, 2006


Yesterday I submitted the manuscript for my new book. I say new, but I have been working on it since 1998 - so it feels old already. But it is finished and now it is out of my hands. One of my brothers is a photographer and he has done a very rough 'rough' for the image to go on the jacket of the book.

The image is of six books. But instead of the cover of the spine showing it is the other side of the spine - just the paper.

A lot of my book is about reading, about how reading philosophy can be very demanding, and how there are books that are not over even when you have finished reading them. So the image of the worn and well-read pages of a book is nice for me.

But there is going to be a secret (I mean secret in the sense that nothing on the book will show this - anyone can know). The six books on the cover will be my own copies of the six books that I expore in some detail in my book.

I have put my brothers 'rough' up at the top so you can see it. The books in this picture are not my books, and the typography is obviously very rough indeed. (Including a typo: my brother typed 'Phenomonology' and it should be 'Phenomenology')

Since he should be credited for his work wherever it appears, his name is Hugo Glendinning.

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