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IRAN: Ebrahim/Simon

Monday, September 18, 2006

Tehran, London, or Vienna

Dear Simon,

Today is the second day that I am living in Tehran while my wife is in London. She is a British council scholar and she has just started her second master degree in Brunel University, west of London. This is the other adventurous aspect of our plan that I had not mentioned before.

Considering the short distance from Vienna to London, we decided to take advantages of both programs. Now she is in London and I am in Tehran waiting for my Austrian visa to leave here for Vienna, while my course started in September 11th.

Unfortunately, I do not know how long it takes to my Austrian visa be issued, so today I applied for UK visa.

I don't know where I will be in the coming week; Tehran, London, or Vienna.

Here, It is pretty popular that religious people obviously say that "God knows this". Economists name it the stochastic term of the life. What do you name it?

In the comming post I am going to review our last months of life.

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