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IRAN: Ebrahim/Simon

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Hot Weather

I am wondering if you have bougth the new house or not. I hope so! Now that the weather is getting hot, moving to the country seems more desirable.
Here in Tehran we are tolerating a really hot weather. Some days it goes up to 45 degrees centigrade. I have not ever undergo such hot days in Tehran. Although living as well as working in such a hot day seems difficult, expecting moderate weather in the near future turn it easier.
Another upwarding trend that is controversial these days in Iran is the increasing prices. In the last two decades our economy has undergone more than 15% inflation rate each year. But, the prices trend seems to be still higher than that this year. Not having hope to any decline in this trend makes it really unbearable specially for the people in the lowest income groups. The people who was the majority in voting for a government with new ideas in managing the country in the last year's presidential election.

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