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IRAN: Ebrahim/Simon

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Game of Buying

We have found a house that we would like to buy. It is in a very pretty village about 40 km from London. Unfortunately, we are not the only people who would like to buy the house. And now the trouble begins. We made an offer - and the agent for the sellers said: a little more please! So we made a new offer at a higher price. And then the agent said: we have received another offer from another family.

The agent has now decided that both families wishing to buy the house must make there 'best and final' offer by 10.00am on Thursday morning. So now we have to work out what the right offer for us is. We do not want to miss this one - but we also cannot spend too much on buying it or we will not be able to do anthing to it when we get it. And it only has three small bedrooms - so we need money in hand to convert the existing garage into a new addition to the house that will give us enough space for our family.

It is not an easy calculation. If we go too low we risk losing the house and spending more time and money trying to find an alternative (and there is very little on the market). If we go too high we risk over-reaching ourselves and buying at a price that will not reflect the value of the property.

What would an economist do?!!! A philosopher is no good at this one!

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Monday, June 26, 2006

Moving Challenges

Deciding to move to a new place is really a strange idea. Even though it seems that people always are trying to find peace and calmness in their life, they suddenly decide to turn all the quiet they have provided into a challenging situation by moving to a new place. It is what I’m really looking for.

The first challenge is preparation for communicating with other people. Moving to a new territory in some ways is similar to starting a new life. In the new community you should learn a lot of things to communicate with people in a usual way. You should learn how to speak their language, how to start a conversation, which rules are implemented in deferent organizations, which customs they have, what is considered as a formal behavior and….

The amount of time and effort you should pay for adjustment depends on the difference between two communities. Although moving from London to the country is not involved with significant adjustment cost, it will provide your family with some instructive especially for children. It is while living in the country in my opinion has more benefits than its costs.

In addition to social life aspects, there are some career challenges in relation with movement. For me the main reason is to undergo a new experience in a new academic environment. I think it would be a terrific idea to repeat the experience of being a student.

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Like you my family are considering moving from where we are at the moment - but not nearly so far! We are hoping to sell our place in London and move to the country. We have finally had an offer made on the house - but now there doesn't seem to be much for sale in the areas we might hope to move to outside London. Ahhh!

The whole culture of house-buying and house-selling in Britain today is mad. There are endless TV programmes advising you on who to make the most money out of a sale and giving guidance on what to do to spend the least possible when you buy. Mad!

And then there are more endless programmes which tell you how best to decorate your house once you have it. I'm sure it will all come to Iran sometime soon if it is not there now. I'm sure it will already have hit Vienna...

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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Vienna Buildings

Dear Simon,
I'm so interested to visit the house that Wittgenstein built in Vienna. I'll be in Vienna in September(I hope so), so I'll visit the house and write about it.
Your post about the wittgenstein house reminded me a special characteristic that made a pleasant feeling about the Vienna buildings for me; The equal height and harmony in the buildings of city. While you are walking in the city almost all the buildings are in the same height. In addision a kind of harmony you can see in all the buildings;In most parts of city buildings are designed traditionally, while the modern buildings are completely seperated from the first group.
For example city center, Ring, is the traditional part of city. Well known opera of Vienna, Musems, palaces and all the historical buildings are placed in the ring. Whatever you go out of the city center you can see more modern building. And International city center where the UN is placed is the most modern part of Vienna.

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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The House that Wittgenstein Built

Here is a picture of the house that Wittgenstein built in Vienna for his sister.

A website I found adds these details: 'A unique example of formal radicalism in Viennese architecture is the Wittgenstein House. Planned by one of Adolf Loos's students Paul Engelmann and the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein, the house was built in 1926-28. In 1975 it was purchased by the Bulgarian Embassy which turned it into a cultural institute. In the course of renovation in the 1970s, the house underwent decisive changes: a big lecture hall was built in the basement which is today used for cultural events.'

Although it is chillingly austere it is also, I think, the expression of a profound aesthetic sensibility.

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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Hey - great to have you back. I was getting kinda lonely in here! And what an adventure you are thinking about. Vienna! I have only been to Vienna once. Very clean (toooo clean this Londoner felt) and 'civilised' - but what is lurking beneath that....

One of my all time favourite philosophers, Ludwig Wittgenstein, hails from Vienna. I will not go into philosophy again this time though. What I would like to mention is the house that Wittgenstein built for his sister in the 1920's. It is an amazing construction - high European Modernism: no decoration or embellishment at all.

I will try to find an image and post it on the blog.


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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Sorry for Long Time Absence

Unfortunately I couldn't update the weblog for long time despite the fact that my life is changing considerably and I have a lot to write about. I think in the next chapter of my life I will have more time for reading, thinking and writing so I'll write more, and more interesting.

As you know I've been working in the field of Economics for about five years in an academic environment while my formal education in Economics is only two years (I have a BS. degree in engineering and a MA in Scio-Economic Systems Eng.) so I decided to continue my education in the field of Economics.

In addition to regular apply for the Mphil program in Institute for Advance Studies (IHS) where I'm going to study there I had to pass entrance examinations and interview to be admitted in the program.

Fortunately I was admitted to the program and I think it would be the start of some changes in my life. Preparation for the examinations, my trip to beautiful city of Vienna where IHS is placed and specially the visa problem took all my time so I could not write for a while but I have a lot in my last posts.

In the coming posts, I am going to write about my trip to Vienna, IHS and transition from teaching to studying.

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