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Friday, May 05, 2006

Birthday Boy

It is my youngest son's first birthday today. He has been very ill this year and there were times when we just did not know how he was going to get better.

At Christmas - in fact on Christmas day - he was sick (on his grandmother, ahem) and then was sick after every feed for over a month. We took him to hospital three times - but each time they said: it is a virus (then a secondary and then a tertiary infection). But his weight went down and down. He is 75th percentile in length and went down to 2nd percentile in weight. Terrible. Then one night he was sick again and my partner said enough is enough. She took him to hospital where they finally admitted him for observation.

Without major tests they judged that he had a 'reflux' problem (food coming back up from the stomach to the throat) and probably an intolerance to milk proteins. So we got medicine and removed all dairy products from his diet - and slowly slowly he has been getting better. Two days ago he seemed to me really 'better'. He is now, I would say, better. He has got better.

And so today we will have cake (no milk, no butter, no eggs!) and ONE candle to blow out.

My lovely son Albert.

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